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Craniosacral Therapy for Babies (22nd June 2020)

Most of my clients are newborn babies brought in by their parents.  Some of them are referrals from Doulas (for which I am grateful to be able to support more and more mothers (and fathers) and babies.

During this difficult times of Covid19 Circuit Breakers mothers with newborn babies are experiencing challenges day to day and they remain overwhelmed.  I would like to support you and your babies. 

Why Craniosacral?

A baby has to make a number of twists and turns of his head and neck (and whole body) during birth process.  As your baby passes through the birth canal, not only his head will change positions, the bones in his skull will overlap to enable him to fit and move through mother’s pelvis.  We may see a normal looking head and a lovely baby with ten toes and ten fingers.  We do not see how things are inside baby’s head and his body system.  The trauma to baby’s  head during birth, especially difficult births after extended labour or excessive pushing during labour or intensified contractions from the use of pitosin to restart labour after an epidural, there is a possibility that baby’s cranial bones are sustaining too much pressure far too long a time while in the birth canal.

While baby’s head resumes its normal shape after some time, the cranial bones may remain overlapped and the cranial nerves that exit the cranial base may get compromised.  This irritates the cranial nerves, impairing their function and resulting in numerous signs and symptoms, so often observed in newborns, such as:
  • Misshapen head
  • Incessant crying
  • Breastfeeding issues
  • Torticollis
  • Colics (digestive difficulties, intestinal cramps, flatulence)
  • Sleep issues
Birth trauma may have lifelong consequences.  Not only babies, parents too, especially mothers.

Mothers and fathers are overwhelmed, exhausted, experiencing lack of sleep and feelings of helplessness.  There are many stressors that affect new mothers and new fathers and they too can get a craniosacral therapy for themselves.  When parents are resourced, calm and focused, babies will feel safe and calm. 

The good news: CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY can help with no manipulation, no force, no pressure, no needles and no drugs.  With light gentle hands, this gentle therapy can help your body to RESETthe function of the nervous system, RESTORE a state of balance in the other systems in your body and allow you to REGAIN health and wellness.


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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle and subtle whole body approach that releases tensions deep in the Central Nervous System so that every other systems in our body can relax and self correct, free itself of pain and other health issues.

"Each of us has an innate capacity for healing, to heal ourselves, to heal others and to help others heal themselves" - Subagh Singh Khalsa 
Sometimes we need a little bit of help and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy could be just that.
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