Empowering you to reconnect with your original health matrix in your body.
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Cranio SelfCare4Health
Integrate Self-Care to A Happier You


Did you know that you can reset, renegotiate and restore a state of balance to your health and happiness?
Potentially help you take control of your health, you child's health and strengthen their natural self-healing potential yourself to:
  • Become more focus, calm and eliminate anxiety.
  • Did you know that you can potentially recover from setbacks and bring about desirable outcome are all generated in your brain and heart connection?
  • Did you know that you can rewire your brain?
  • Scientific research called this neuroplasticity and so you can generate the qualities and capabilities you desire, both internally and externally.
Your brain can develop new pathways which allows you to:
  1. Connect with your breathing to help your nervous system out of fight/flight mode
  2. Acquire awareness of your sensory perception to calm yourself and relax
  3. Restore a state of balance of your central nervous system so that you become potentially more resilient to stress, so that you remain calm and focus during crisis.
  4. Enhance your naturally ability to health and wellness

Want to learn the top secrets to SelfCare4Health, more energy health and abundance?
Imagine being in a room filled with like-minded people learning techniques and skills to integrate health and wellness into their lives, a room full of energy whilst learning the forgotten secrets to lasting health and wellness.

3 Simple Steps
Easy to learn and implement
No manipulation
No pressure nor poking
No drugs
No needles
Just light gentle Craniosacral touch with your hands.
Begin to live the life you love by design and not by default.


Discover simple steps to help your child feel safe and secure in his environment, thus able to focus and achieve success in school, have courage and confidence socializing with peers, family and friends.
We have the SOLUTION to help your child LOVE school and life.  It is helpful every parent knows this 4 MUST Have Power Techniques that can help your child to become calm, focus and motivated.
  1. Developing a calming presence and sustaining this presence
  2. Body/brain connection for clarity and calmness
  3. Being safe, hence build confidence and courage
  4. Slow down & follow your child’s pace, let him develop at his highest potential 
 Testimonials from clients:

Here are some of the techniques you will learn:
  • a series of breathing and body awareness exercises to help you be focus and be present.
  • to identify areas of the body that feel strained or showing resistance. 
  • to facilitate the underlying organising forces, reciprocates it to enhance and activate the body’s own healing mechanism or innate intelligence
  • to empower yourself as a parent
  • make contact and listen to another person’s craniosacral rhythms
  • specific hand holds positions
  • relational fields
Here is your opportunity to learn SelfCare4Health Workshop.  This course is taken by many individuals who wish to help their loved ones, family & friends, caregivers and parents of special needs children towards better health and well-being.
This four days programme comprises of lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice designed to teach you the benefits of SelfCare4Health along with some basic techniques you can use for your loved ones, friends and for your own health.

As you probably know, any imbalance in the development and performance of your brain and spinal cord or an imbalance or restriction in it could potentially cause a number of sensory, motor or neurological dysfunctions and physical pain.
“Each of us has innate capacity for healing, to heal ourselves, to heal others and to help others heal themselves” – Subagh Singh Khalsa
Sometimes we need a little bit of help allow the body to heal itself and SelfCare4Health could do that for you

Clients that benefit most from my programme are those who are:
1.     Tired of feeling stuck and frustrated but open to trying something different;
3.     Excited about change, self development and self growth
4.     Understand the importance of health and wellbeing; and
5.     Ready to invest in themselves knowing the benefits they reap will out do their investments.
2.     Ready to do what it takes to create the change/relief they are seeking;
Some benefits my clients experience are feeling:
1.     Free from the burden of chronic aches and pain;
2.     Stronger and energized
3.     Happier and in a more positive mood;
4.     More at peace with themselves and have clarity in thoughts and staying focused.
5.     A sense of awareness and understanding and taking charge of their life.
6.     A new sense of confidence and courage towards life.

SelfCare4Health is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the function of the Cranio system — the physiological body system comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord.
This Therapy enhances the body’s natural healing processes to improve the operation of the central nervous system, dissipate the negative effects of stress, enhance health and strengthen resistance to disease. 
Benefits of SelfCare4Health:
  1. Restores autonomic nervous system’s flexibility and adaptability.
  2. Enhances flow of blood and other fluids throughout the body tissues.
  3. Reduces accumulated physiological stress levels.
  4. Improves the internal environment for the brain, spinal cord and central nervous system.
  5. Helpful for brain dysfunction, chronic pain problems, a wide variety of headaches and facial problems like Temporal Mandibular Joint dysfunction, strokes, cancer, etc.
  6. The nature of SelfCare4Health is very gentle and non-invasive thereby causing no side effects at all.
  7. It has long been known that tender loving care heals all illnesses.
  8. SelfCare4Health is tender loving care that will assist you to regain health and well-being and oneness.
Here’s what parents have to say about this workshop:

“Thanks for this wake up call for parents who are not aware of this workshop.  Thank you so much.  It is really motivational.  The content covers everything we need to know, even more than what we thought it’d be (anatomy lesson covered).  Having practiced this on myself and my son, I listen to my son better and when he throws a tantrum or have meltdowns I am able to be calm and attend to his needs”…Unei 
“Yes the workshop that I attended was very knowledgeable.  Interesting topics, actually recently I’m into the mindfulness. I incorporate this in my yoga exercises and able to maintain better concentration.  Once we were travelling in Bali and my daughter had a bad headache and was vomiting.  I was able to calm her down and worked on her while she was resting.  She fell asleep pretty fast and did not create a fuss.”…..TM, Jakarta



Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What is Cranio SelfCare4Health Workshop?
ANSWER: 3 simple steps, easy to learn and master.  This workshop is presented by a vateran in health and wellness industry with over 20+ years of experience.  She is a wife, therapist, trainer, coach and author.
QUESTION: What will Cranio SelfCare4Health Workshop do for me?
ANSWER:   This course will potentially help you achieve your optimal, perfect health and wellness, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Your deepest longings and issues will finally be resolved so you can experience your best life possible.
QUESTION: How long will it take to get access?
ANSWER:   You will experience it immediately in Day 1.
QUESTION: Who is this course for?
ANSWER: This course is for you or someone you know who feel low, depressed and burdened by the world.   If you find it difficult to relax, feel anxious and uncomfortable in your own skin.  Have a hard time focusing and getting the things done even though you feel you need to do.  Your emotions are unstable and it is hard for you to feel safe and comfortable most of the time.  You lack enthusiasm for life and do not have any motivation to move forward.

However, this is not for everyone.
This is only for those who REALLY want to solve their issues genuinely, want to experience a better quality of life, enjoy better sleep, have more energy and finally be free from ACHES & PAIN once and for all.
If you do, all you need to do is whatsapp Adida Shahab at 97426791 to book your seat to our upcoming Cranio SelfCare4Health Workshop.
OR send us an email to register below.
We regret that we only have limited seats on a first-come-first-serve basis.
See you soon and regain vigorous health and vitality, once again! 


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle and subtle whole body approach that releases tensions deep in the Central Nervous System so that every other systems in our body can relax and self correct, free itself of pain and other health issues.

"Each of us has an innate capacity for healing, to heal ourselves, to heal others and to help others heal themselves" - Subagh Singh Khalsa 
Sometimes we need a little bit of help and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy could be just that.
To book a session please call Adida at 97426791.  Thank you.
 Keen on getting your life back on track and wanting to live a more healthier and energetic life, 
please call us at 97426791 for a 15 minutes free consultation by phone.