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Why Craniosacral Therapy is the Norm for your Newborn Baby

It does not have to be an emergency situation to bring your baby for her first CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY session.



A baby has to make a number of twists and turns of his head and neck during birth process.


Movements Of Labor By Baby

As your baby passes through the birth canal, his head will change positions. These changes are needed for him to fit and move through your pelvis.



·      This is when the widest part of your baby's head has entered the pelvis.

·      Engagement tells your health care provider that your pelvis is large enough to allow the baby's head to move down (descend).


·      This is when your baby's head moves down (descends) further through your pelvis.

·      Most often, descent occurs during labor, either as the cervix dilates or after you begin pushing.


·      During descent, the baby's head is flexed down so that the chin touches the chest.

·      With the chin tucked, it is easier for the baby's head to pass through the pelvis.

Internal Rotation

·      As your baby's head descends further, the head will most often rotate so the back of the head is just below your pubic bone. This helps the head fit the shape of your pelvis.

·      Usually, the baby will be face down toward your spine.

·      Sometimes, the baby will rotate so it faces up toward the pubic bone.

·      As your baby's head rotates, extends, or flexes during labor, the body will stay in position with one shoulder down toward your spine and one shoulder up toward your belly.



·      As your baby reaches the opening of the vagina, usually the back of the head is in contact with your pubic bone.

·      At this point, the birth canal curves upward, and the baby's head must extend back. It rotates under and around the pubic bone.

External Rotation

·      As the baby's head is delivered, it will rotate a quarter turn to be in line with the body.



·      After the head is delivered, the top shoulder is delivered under the pubic bone.

·      After the shoulder, the rest of the body is usually delivered without a problem.


Another physical change that happens during birth is head compression.   This makes the bony plates in the skull overlap at the sutures and creates a small ridge.  This is normal in newborns and usually the head expands and the overlapping disappears after a few days.  If this does not take place, baby may have misshapen head.  Craniosacral therapy potentially helps to release the compression and alignment of the bones in the head.


Babies not only undergo lots of physical changes, but also shifts and changes in biology/chemistry of his body’s systems in order to be the outside world.  Craniosacral Therapy can help baby to feel safe so that his nervous system can self-regulate to a state of balance.  This would enable his to settle down easily and bond with mum during latching and breastfeeding








Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle and subtle whole body approach that releases tensions deep in the Central Nervous System so that every other systems in our body can relax and self correct, free itself of pain and other health issues.

"Each of us has an innate capacity for healing, to heal ourselves, to heal others and to help others heal themselves" - Subagh Singh Khalsa 
Sometimes we need a little bit of help and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy could be just that.
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