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SelfCare4Health for SuperMom

Many mothers suffer in silence and do not have a clue about SelfCare.  Is this true for you?

Why SelfCare?

Well, for one thing you deserve it and you are worth it!   My mentor used to say a little selfcare goes a long way.

What is SelfCare?

We spend most of our time doing things for others, thinking and caring for our spouse, our parents, being responsible for our children and family.  Not many of us would observe SelfCare.  If we do not take care of ourselves, how are we able to care for others, our spouse, our children, our parents and our loved ones.  Do you ever sit down and think about yourself?  Doing things for yourself and not feel guilty about it?  Do your know that doing things for yourself is not selfish nor indulgence.  Yes, you deserve it and you are worth it.

Sharing is caring.  Here are some SelfCare ideas:

1.                 Make your daily shower your “spa time”. 
I like to put a few drops of lavender and lemon essential oils in the shower head when I have a shower, even if it is a quick shower.   You may want to explore different essential oils for each shower.  You can learn to make a salt scrub with a drop or two of your favourite essential oil and have a good scrub while in the shower too.

2.                 Take a break
Ask for help from your spouse, parents or friend.  They would be happy to babysit your baby for half an hour, an hour or two.  Go for a walk around your housing estate, or have a coffee with a friend at the nearest coffee joint at the mall.  Your experience of having time physically away from your child is a resource and sometimes it may not work out as planned, which is ok!  Those few minutes of “me-time” can rejuvenate and re-energise you.  Give this a try.

3.                  Be kind to yourself
I always tell my clients that they are the best mother in the whole wide world for their child for they are their chosen mother. Motherhood is a journey and in the eyes of your little ones, you are the perfect person for them to feel safe and loved. Remember you are their supermom. 

4.                 Exercise  
Nothing like a good physical exercise to burn up the pent-up energy.  Go for a power walk with your baby or join a yoga class.  The endorphins that flow after an exercise areinvigorating for our overall well-being.

5.                 Have a hair cut
I do not know about you, but having a haircut makes me feel like a new person, so awesome to get a new look.  If you do not want a hair cut, go for a shampoo and blow dry and come out of the hair salon feeling renewed and refresh, with your new hairdo.

6.                 Retail therapy
Buy yourself something new to wear.  It does not have to be expensive.  Sometimes wearing something new or different can boost your confidence.  I have a silent rule, when I find something I love I tend to buy a few in different colours.

7.                 Gratitude check in 
Sometimes we are so caught up in the poor me feeling that we forget to be thankful for what we have.   Our children are our legacy.  Start looking at the differences and uniqueness of our children and find the beauty in them.  My mentor would say “enjoy the uniqueness of your children for they are the many facets of you!”

8.                  Connect with other moms
I would say like-minded people will attract like-minded moms.  When we feel good about ourselves we can support, encourage and thrive on friendship and before you know it you would have found your SelfCare tribe.  Remember you are never alone.  You just got to make the first move.


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