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My Experience Working with Babies

Babies love this light touch.  When working with babies we work with mother and baby as one unit. 

Many babies experience strong compressive forces during birth, which can cause a contraction within their system. This can manifest as shock and trauma, leading to a myriad of conditions, if not being treated, can lead to significant lifelong health issues. The wisdom of dealing with any trauma experienced during birth, as soon as possible after birth, is obvious .

Conditions of the babies with tremendous stress are.

Breastfeeding difficulties             Colic                                            

Sleep issues                                Distress/crying                             

Difficulty settling                          Irregular head shape                   

Reflux                                          Constipation

Shock/overwhelm or discomfort resulting from:

Premature Birth                           Assisted Birth
Caesarean Birth                          Separation from parents.
Being in the state of joy and relaxation can be a challenge for some especially during the critical stages of pregnancy through birth and beyond for the expectant mothers and babies and mothers handling the newborn babies. Never do we realize that the impact stress has on our mental, emotional and physical health. The thought of getting help early can determine the effectiveness of the treatment.

The objective of this post is to make known to people especially those who are trying to have babies, pregnant and after birth and babies an options that there is such a treatment available. Women in need can get help to settle their nervous system and bring it back to balance. Babies are particularly vulnerable during their birth into this unfamiliar world. Early treatment can help them grow and expand their potential, provide a good head start in life.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle and subtle whole body approach that releases tensions deep in the Central Nervous System so that every other systems in our body can relax and self correct, free itself of pain and other health issues.

"Each of us has an innate capacity for healing, to heal ourselves, to heal others and to help others heal themselves" - Subagh Singh Khalsa 
Sometimes we need a little bit of help and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy could be just that.
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