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Friday 24th February 2012 -  Ignition and Primal Midline          
This morning I was working on a 40 year old woman with lower back pain.  I started at the feet.  At first the body was fragmented and after a while there was holistic shift.  Sacrum showed and there was tightness at the sacrum and pelvis, inertia at the left SI joint.  Client said that her right hip was tight and painful.  I stayed at the sacrum throughout the session.  Potency increased and there was pulsing at the right SI joint.  After sometime there was a swirling of energy at the sacrum, and a buildup of potency and heat.  It felt like ignition as there was a surge of potency along the primal midline and went right up to the frontal area.  There was lateral expansion of tissues at the shoulders, neck and base of the occiput.

After a state of balance, the system settled and dropped into dynamic stillness.  There was reorganisation at the sacrum and the lumbar.  The whole spine lengthened and primary respiration was in longtide at the end of the session.

I shared the above with Simon Gosling and this is his comments.

This session to me seems like an example of the old maxim 'less is more' in action/ Being at the feet and sacrum only, not getting pulled into the drama/trauma of the lower back pain, acknowledging but not following the tissues. When the shift happened you experienced the usual left/right balance thing of pelvic dynamics i.e. that pain is often on the opposite side to the area of inertia and it's all about recreating balance (or allowing it to assert itself as the body will do its best to do this anyway).

As to the ignition at the sacrum well it happens from there as well as anywhere. One way to see this is to look at ignition as a 'spark' that is taken up by the system bringing increased potency to the whole. In this case it was, you felt along the primal midline, arising from the sacrum. It would be fair to say that most ignitions along the primal midline begin at the sacrum because in a sense they are the body remembering the initial embryonic surge that created primitive streak, primitive pit and notochord. The only vestigial remains we have left in our body are in the notochord, the nucleus pulposa, so this surge from coccyx/sacrum to glabella is what we feel. 

This is why Franklyn writes that our embryology exists and is recreating itself in every moment of our lives.

Of course ignitions can and do happen at other places, there is a particular quality to conception, implantation, heart, third ventricle and umbilical/birth ignitions. Often what tells you which ignition there has been in a client is the client themselves as they report back with feelings about……..that have changed. But in this case you were able to witness it, always very special. Another way of 'authenticating' the ignition experience is when you experienced DS after/with the ignition and the clients also showed the long tide as all ignitions are a re-sourcing, a return to origins, a revisiting to the primal matrix somehow reestablishing the original blueprint that was laid down in the embryo before form and around which form solidified.


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