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“Holding STATE” is something I learned during my craniosacral training.  Although it is hard to describe, it can be learned and with practice it becomes easy and you can “hold State” easily for yourself and for others.

A student of mind describes this as the “no nothing” state.  However, it does not mean you do “no nothing”.  As the person holding the state, we are mindful of being in a state of balance awareness, i.e. awareness of our inner thoughts and the field of resources within us and around us.  We learn to just be with whatever emerges within us and our external interaction/relationship with our environment.  We become a witness of our internal thoughts as well as external stimulus.

Some say you become the "container" of state between you and another person.  A craniosacral practitioner’s role is to create this ‘STATE’ (through visualisation and perceptual fields) and thus allowing our client’s body/mind to resonate and process.  The strategy is straightforward and most people instinctively understand it the first time around, because it is the natural thing to do if you love, respect and care for someone who needs support. 

When you meditate you are holding the STATE for yourself and when done in the Cranio SelfCare4Health method, you begin to feel present, warm, safe and loved, and your body starts to reorganise and self-regulate thus allowing healing to take place.  You can also hold the STATE for another person too.  When you hold the STATE for another person, you are creating a safe, loving and ideal condition for the other person to feel present, warm, safe and loved while they undergo a process of emotional pain, intense anger and frustration and discovery of self.  We as the practitioner are offering ourselves as the resource for any overwhelming thoughts or feelings that our clients may be encountering on their healing journey to process and release.  We are not judging, giving advice or offering a solution.  We are just there, in the present moment, holding their pain, their anguish, their joy and their state.  Everyone has and is responsible for their own state.  And this does not mean that person cannot hold the STATE for another until they can make it for themselves, like we do in Cranio SelfCare4Health.

It not difficult to hold STATE, just remember this easy rule,  when you hold the STATE you create the environment for being present, safe, non judgmental, love, respect, validating and listening.  The key is intention of just being present.

Here are some key characteristics to holding of STATE:

1)    Practitioner state of balance awareness – grounding, your midline, your biosphere, 5 zones
  • You are centred, present and grounded
  • Your heart is open and opening
  • Your mind is awake, aware and alert.
  • You are neutral, not trying to influence the situation.
  • You are not trying to fix it or affect any kind of outcome
  • You walk along with them without judgment, sharing their journey to an unknown destination.
  • You give your heart, let go of control, and offer unconditional support.
2)    Internal state and external state in a state of balance
3)    Sutherland’s 5 phenomena
  • The inherent motility of the brain and spinal cord
  • The fluctuation of the cerebrospinal fluid - the potency in the tide
  • The mobility of the intracranial and intraspinal membranes
  • The mobility of the cranial bones
  • The involuntary mobility of the sacrum (tailbone) between the ilia (hip bones)
4)    Shift to a wider perceptional field of awareness
5)    Orientation to Primary Respiration  and Stillness, where health arises from
6)    Orientation to Potency
7)    Orient to our mid-line
8)    Getting in touch with our resources
9)    Ability to connect to the source -  to RE-SOURCE
10)  Ability to be present and aware
11)  Ability to feel secure - safe -
12)  Our inner strength, stamina, endurance , patience
13)  Becoming to emotional relationship to fear, anxiety, anger (or pain)  that arises during session and having the ability to resource from a state of comfort
14)  Ability to adapt to change and break state and re-establish the State of Balance Awareness and resource
15)  How much we identify with the situation and how much state we can hold around our inner process
16)  Contact with client and tuning from the EDGE boundary


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"Each of us has an innate capacity for healing, to heal ourselves, to heal others and to help others heal themselves" - Subagh Singh Khalsa 
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